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How To Buy From Cactus

Why buy from Cactus?

More Choice
· FACT -You will not find a mail order catalogue with more brands than Cactus.
· Cactus represent more marine electronics manufacturers.
· That means we are the company who can provide genuine expert advise.

More Knowledge
· Our senior sales people have a minimum of 15 years experience selling marine electronics.
· They have also installed the kit so they can you tell everything you need to consider. Few companies can match our impressive expertise.

We accept the following methods of payment - cash, cheque and most credit and debit cards -

· Due to security measures insisted on by our credit card processing company, payment for internet orders is taken at time of order.

Some important advice - please read!

Cactus work very hard to provide a high level of customer service and if you follow our simple advice we can ensure that your shopping at Cactus is pleasant and stress free.

· Please allow a reasonable time for ordering and delivery - although we keep plenty of stock in our warehouse many marine electronics manufacturers find it difficult to predict demand, so delivery times can vary, particular during the season. Cactus will always tell you if the product you are buying is about to change, so there is there is no need to leave ordering to the last minute.

· Buy PC software at least 2 weeks before you plan to use it. Loading and configuring marine software is generally not straightforward, often there are issues with unlock codes and drivers that can take a few days to resolve, plus you might need to order additional PC peripherals to make sure everything functions correctly.

· Because of the number of PC operating systems, navigational applications, and electronic chart formats available, Cactus is unable to provide telephone support for marine software. However, Cactus provide a full in-house commissioning and setup service, please ask the sales team for details.

· When calling please give us plenty of information about your boat and how you intend to use the equipment, even if you are just phoning up for a price. This provides a useful check to ensure you are purchasing the right product for you.

· If you are ordering accessories or electronic charts, please check compatibility with our sales team before ordering. Formats and specifications change all the time so it is worth double-checking even if you think you know what you need. This will avoid the trouble and expensive of returning items that were incorrectly ordered.

· Please note paint cannot be returned if the tin has been opened. This is because the tins are pressurised with an inert gas during manufacture and once opened the seal is broken and the gas escapes and the shelf life of the paint is reduced.

· If you have any comments or feedback on our service or the products please contact us directly and I will do my best to help.

Aftersales support and warranty

If, having read the manual and downloaded our online fault guide you require further advice from our team you are welcome to call.

· So that we can get to the bottom of the problem quickly, please make a careful note of the make and model of the equipment concerned and how you have it installed

· Please note that because of the huge range of equipment we sell we may have to research the problem and call you back

· Again, to avoid unnecessary stress for you and sales team, please ensure that you are fully familiar with your equipment well before you want to use the boat.

· Try to check that your electronics systems work before the boat goes back in the water - manufacturers are inundated with warranty and returns work at the start of the boating season. There is nothing more infuriating than having to wait for kit to be repaired when you want to use it!

· Manufacturers' guarantees vary considerable from 1 year "return to us" cover, up to 3 years on site warranty. Our sales team will be happy to confirm the manufacturer's warranty so you are clear on the level of support you can expect in the future.