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On the 31st Jan 2020 the UK formally left the EU.

On the 1st Jan 2021 transition period ended and the UK will start a new relationship with the EU.

What does this mean?
All Order Shipped to the EU will now be supplied WITHOUT 20% UK SALES TAX.
It doesn’t matter where you are resident, UK or EU this applies to all orders shipped from Cactus in the UK to All EU countries after the 1st Jan.

However, when the goods arrive in the EU delivery country our courier will charge you the relevant rate of VAT in that country plus a small Euro surcharge of between 10 - 15 Euro's depending on the value of the order and destination country.

What about Duty and Tariffs?
A FREE trade agreement has now been reached between the UK and the EU. This means there will be NO Duty or Tariffs on UK goods being shipped to any country within the EU.
This also covers ALL MARINE ELECTRONICS AND ACCESSORIES, that come from us but are manufactured outside the EU.

There may be duty of a few percent on some chandlery items originating from outside the EU.
This would cover items like Chinese made plastic deck fittings where a duty of around 2 percent would apply, however, as mentioned before it does not include marine electronics from China.

What happens if I already have a back order with Cactus with an EU delivery address?
If you placed your order before 24th December 2020 we will automatically remove and refund the VAT from your existing order. The above procedure upon import will then apply.
Order placed after the 24th December were automatically sold EX VAT, as we won’t be shipping these till we get back from Christmas Holidays on the 4th Jan 2021.

UK Orders
All orders shipped from Cactus to all parts of the UK including Northern Ireland will be shipped with UK VAT exactly the same as now.
Customers in Northern Ireland can be assured Cactus have all the procedures and paperwork in place to comply with the Northern Ireland protocol, so your order will move freely without delay.

Cactus Are Ready
Cactus has been working hard with our suppliers and delivery partners to ensure we have all the new documentation in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new system.